Veterans Day is November 11th. It does not fluctuate to accomodate a 3-day weekend, just as our veterans do not decide to defend freedom on a particular day of the week.

Veterans Day Education

Our veterans are willing to do battle or work in an office for our freedoms 365 days a year.

Consider organizing a Veterans Day Celebration to honor and thank them.

Click >>> here <<< for a Sample Invitation

Click >>> here <<< for a Sample Tentative Schedule.

For all of the children you know out there!

Here is our Coloring Activity that you can download and give to the kids. Easy, fun and a teaching lesson for our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, students and neighbors! Color by number, learn the flag, learn the difference between the two days—all in one activity!

Click on the icon to download the PDF Coloring Activity .
Please click here to let us know how many post cards you need. For the time being they are free of charge. Get yours today! We are looking forward to hearing from you and mailing them out to your community! These postcards have been created by the LCpl Matt Snyder Camp Snoops Project to help teach students the difference between veteran holidays. They are 5” x 7” and geared to K-8 grade. With a high gloss finish and patriotic colors, they make a perfect inexpensive give away which not only teaches, but can be kept in a binder or bookbag, as well as taken home to families to further spread this important education!

Click on the icon to see what the POSTCARD looks like.

You will want to advertise your event.

It is nice to have veterans from your community, your organization (Church, school, township, etc) and from the military posts in your area such as Marine Corps Leagues and Divisions, VFWs, American Legions, Vietnam and Korean War Chapters.
Click on the button below for a Sample Press Release for you to send to your local newspapers and media outlets.

Sample Press Release

There may be costs associated with your program, or you may just want to get the word out to your area businesses about your event and what you are doing for veterans.

A well-written solicitation letter, followup and phone calls goes a long way towards developing relationships.
Click on the button below for a Sample Solicitation Letter.

Sample Solicitation Letter

Music is a wonderful way to honor veterans.

Students can stand among the rows of seated veterans, rather than on stage, for a change.
Click on the button for a Sample Lyrics Sheet to go in your program.

Sample Lyrics Sheet

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